A letter to Nissa…

Our little stories are now traveling around the globe and it is always fascinating to hear how the children are enjoying them and what each one is getting from the experience. We love to hear from our subscribers, so we have decided that every now and again we will share with you some of the feedback we get. We have been overwhelmed by the amazing response that we have received from parents, teachers, and grandparents, but our favorites are the ones we get from the children themselves. Our recent favorite was from a little boy of 4 and 3/4. We must not forget the three quarters bit!

This letter came not to Annie or I, why would they, we don’t exist to the children! This letter came addressed to Nissa fairy. It was a beautiful map of where he lives and telling her all about his surroundings. He also thanked her for her stories.

No matter how many of these we get, each one still melts our hearts. These imaginative little minds are exactly why we started Mariposa Forest in the first place, and it just makes us so happy to know that the little people that the stories are intended for are enjoying them so much!

Thank you for your beautiful letter little one and thank you to his Mother for allowing us to be a part of his childhood!


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