Winter– My thoughts.


So while Annie proclaims her love of winter, I am a bit more hesitant. Don’t get me wrong, I get out there. I sled and skate and ski and I build snowmen and snow forts with the best of them, but do I say I love winter? No, not really. I am the type of person who is always cold. Even in summer, I have a sweater on. The thought of going out into -20C temperatures for a day of fun is, well, not my idea of fun. So why do it? Because where we live it gets cold. It is just a fact of life and so I make the most of it. Sometimes as grown ups we have to because I have two little faces that look up at me excited to see snow, even in February, despite having snow for the past 4 months. I want them to love being outside. I want them to love every season. I want them to never look at the thermometer and say, “Oh too cold, we couldn’t possibly go outside”. There are treasures to be found, tracks to be followed, paths to forge, and adventures to be had Spring, Summer, Fall, and yes, even in Winter. I am trying to push myself to see this, to see the beauty in every season and not the limits of temperatures.

As adults we do what is comfortable. It is warm in front of the fire, why go out into the cold? Think though of what that says to our children though. To deny them the experience of each and every season. Even if your only seasons are dry and wet, you still have them. Who doesn’t remember splashing through mud puddles as a kid and staying outside in Winter sledding until your cheeks were frozen? These are moments my children deserve to have and so, out we go. Oh sure, I have on 3 under layers, 2 pairs of socks, the puffiest, warmest coat I could find on the market, but I am out there, enjoying every flake, every gust of blustery, cold wind.


I won’t lie, I am constantly checking for signs that perhaps, maybe Spring will be soon arriving. I don’t hide my complete relief when at last the birds return and the snow starts to melt, when green starts to take back the white landscape. I will admit, though, that I am always slightly sad to see it all go. Does this mean that I love Winter? No, but it does mean that come October, I will tip my hat and welcome its return once more. You see, we have an understanding Winter and I. I promise to enjoy its beauty and get outside everyday to take in all I can from it, and it promises not to freeze me too much.


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