Splish Splash…

Hands down my favorite thing about spring. Puddle jumping. It was my favorite thing as a kid too. A close second was ‘getting the bikes out of the garage day’. Or new rubber boots day might win. For the puddles. And this year, armed with new rubber boots of my own, I’m splashing lots.

What’s your favorite spring thing to do?





We’ve been sharing articles and such on this week our Fabebook page — are you following us? have a look — you can even see the Easter eggs the kids and I dyed this week-end using red cabbage & turmeric for fun! Please stop in here or on our facebook page and say Hello!

Oh — and please stay tuned for lovely fan mail we’ve received in the last few days — we’ll be sharing in the next few days! So nice to get feedback, especially when it comes from the kids themselves! (though to the grownups: yours is incredibly valued as well!)


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