A Letter to Pika Bird


Another letter this week to feature, and once again not addressed to Annie or I. This one actually came in a while ago and was sent from a little boy who has just turned six. Everytime we open the mailbox and see one of those shaky lettered notes, my heart just melts. What we aim to do is so much more than just send a story to your child in the mail. We really want to help grow and nurture their imagination. As adults it is hard to sometimes grasp how just a simple thing as a short little story can really inspire a child. We read it with adult eyes and it appears to be a simple, sweet story. However, for the child, it is a world to be created in their minds. The characters and forest can look however they like. In their minds, they can interact with them, they can see them going about their adventures. This is what we want to deliver to your child each month. So when we get a letter addressed to Pika Bird with a little boy of just barely six expressing his love for her, we know we have done a good job fulfilling our goal. Thank you for sharing with us little one and Pika Bird thanks you as well!



How about you? Do you receive our stories? Feel free to drop us a note and let us know how they are being received in your house. They don’t need to be child written, we have many from parents, grandparents, and teachers telling us how the children in their lives are enjoying Mariposa Forest. We love getting mail almost as much as we love to send it!


4 thoughts on “A Letter to Pika Bird

  1. Yesterday evening my daughter curled up on the couch with me to read her most recent mail from Mariposa Forest. She was happy to hear that there is still snow down there too. She asked me if we could go visit Mariposa and then said, “Mama, how can there be REAL fairies?!”
    Don’t be surprised if we show up in the forest someday!!

    • we’re always up for visitors at Mariposa 🙂 We still have so much snow here — I’m one of winter’s biggest fans, but goodness, it’s odd in April to have this much snow!

  2. Just came by here today and was so excited to see that your sample story has a fairy named Alora. My daughter’s name is Alora. We have never come across a story with her name- spelled the same way…so I read it to her and she loved it! Thank you for making me and my 5 year old smile today!;-)

    • Ah thanks for sharing Jenn — that’s so great! So happy the story made you and Alora smile today! I’ve never heard of a non fairy named Alora – what a beautiful unique name she has!

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