{this moment}

{dandelion potion. many jars filled this week. for themselves and for special requests by friends.}

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{this moment}

{kids expending energy. we’re back to winter this week. hopefully spring comes soon!}

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{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Splish Splash…

Hands down my favorite thing about spring. Puddle jumping. It was my favorite thing as a kid too. A close second was ‘getting the bikes out of the garage day’. Or new rubber boots day might win. For the puddles. And this year, armed with new rubber boots of my own, I’m splashing lots.

What’s your favorite spring thing to do?





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First day of Spring.

WinterToday is the very first day of Spring. And it’s a gorgeous one. But not one that reminds you of spring in the least. This morning Elizabeth said ‘Mama, I think Mother Nature must love Winter more than Spring and that’s why she’s keeping Winter around longer.’

it’s hard to not agree with that logic this year. Or Alexandre’s thoughts that the groundhog must have accidently checked his shadow AGAIN and caused us six MORE weeks of winter.

Perhaps. Or perhaps next week Spring will arrive. But you better believe that between now and whenever that happens — I’m going to soak up the new snow and glorious sunshine. The combination of the March light, morning fog and the fresh snow is a rare treat for me. We’re expecting a few more centimeters this week I believe — and we will keep staring in amazement at the sparkles it leaves in the morning.

Favorite Season?

Winter Play

What’s your favorite season? It’s a game I love to play. Because I can’t figure out the answer. All I know is that I would be lost without my four seasons — my body has come to heavily rely on these time markers and my soul loves different aspect of every season. Often times, my favorite is the one we are currently in at any given time. Except summer. Then I’ll think long and hard and come up with another answer. It’s never summer. (i love parts of summer… but in no way is it my favorite.)

Actually, by the third week of July when I’m absolutely done done with the heat and humidity and hear somebody say ‘this is so much better than minus 20oC!!’ I realize that no, it’s not at all better than that. Give me SNOW anyday. Well, perhaps not – then I wouldn’t have my four seasons would I? but let’s just say I’m a happier camper when I get to spend five hours in the great outdoors in the middle of WINTER vs the middle of SUMMER.

and sometimes, it’s more than five. This week-end for example, we completely lost track of how many hours were spent outside.

Winter Play
Saturday, we spent the day at a private pond hockey tournament. Canadian winter at it’s absolute best.

Winter Play
Even the napping took place outside in the glorious sunshine. It was a grownup tournament — but the kids spent most of the day playing and cheering. Alexandre even skated a while on the third ‘extra’ rink. He was one happy boy. He had a hockey game early in the morning at the arena and then skated on the pond. While Alexandre was at his morning game, Elizabeth & Juliette were playing outside at home. Then we spent from 10:15 to 4:15 mostly outside at the pond hockey tournament. Came home and the kids played outside until 6:45. That part we couldn’t believe. Adam and I were tired (well, he played 5 hockey games. I simply chased a toddler around all day!) We let them play outside until they decided to come in – which normally doesn’t happen – we typically have set meal times! But there’s something about playing ouside, in the snow, in the dark!

Perfect Hockey Day in Canada.

Did you get out and play this weekend?


Oh, we spent Sunday out playing too — more on this shortly!
and please excuse the extreme quietness here in the last little while – both our families have been under the weather in some form and keeping up with our mailings has been our priority — hopefully now that we’re all on mend Jennifer & I will manage to blog & share more!