{this moment}

{this moment}

Inspired by SouleMama.
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{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Earth Day Links and Loves

Happy Earth Day! In celebration, here are some of our favorite links on celebrating with your family. Also don’t forget that the best way to celebrate Mother Earth is to go outside and enjoy her beauty!

  • The boys and I made these this weekend. Fun, easy, and really cute.

  • This list has some really great simple ways to go out and enjoy Mama Earth with your little ones.

  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a great activity book that could be used for older kids. Lots of things to explore about climate science.

  • This is a great article about how too much technology is killing children’s relationship with nature.

  • Finally, how about gardening on this Earth Day? No space? No worries, grow some seed in egg cartons!

Also, depending on where you live, there are Meteor showers expected tonight. If the weather cooperates where you are, take a blanket outside and look up at Mother Nature’s fireworks display.

There are lots of other great ideas, books, crafts, and such out there celebrating Earth Day, but really the best way to teach your children how to care for and love our planet is by example. Go out, enjoy her beauty, tread lightly, care for her, and your children will do the same.

Monday links and loves

It’s Monday, so time to link up our favorites of the past week and what we have been reading and discovering.

  • We love this simple list of Spring activities to do with your kids.

  • Speaking of activities, this post gives lots of simple, fun things to celebrate Earth Day with your little ones.

  • We are loving this etsy shop. I think she could furnish the whole of Mariposa Forest!!

  • Heather over at Beauty that Moves, is sharing a grown up colouring page this weekend. It is one of her beautiful drawings and she is allowing you to fill in the rainbow of colours that suites you best. Who said colouring is just for kids?

  • One last one here, just in case you can’t make it out into the forest today.

Happy Monday everyone!


Link ups and loves


Happy Monday! Hope the weekend was warm and Spring like where you are, because it certainly was not here in the Forest. Oh well, it has to arrive sometime right?

Here are a few of our favorite things right now to start the week off right.

  • The Children and Nature Network launched their month long campaign, Let’s G.O. (Get Outside). Visit their website to read more about it and to find activities happening where you live.
  • We love this article on finding a playground in the natural setting. Playgrounds and structures are fun, but Mother Nature has quite a lot to offer as well.
  • This clock is fantastic!! Every home should have one.
  • Earth day is fast approaching. I think this week we are going to try and make up some seed bombs and go color Mother Earth to celebrate! You can find out how to make them here or a little different method here.
  • It is fairy garden time! Will you join in this year?
  • With all of the talk of unplugging going around, we found a wonderful little post here about how one Mom took back her children from the media zone.

What links are you loving this week?

{this moment}– The very windy day

{this moment}

Inspired by SouleMama.
To follow others who are also inspired, visit SouleMama’s Friday posts. Please feel free to share your moment here.

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

{making the most of a very windy day!}

Winter– My thoughts.


So while Annie proclaims her love of winter, I am a bit more hesitant. Don’t get me wrong, I get out there. I sled and skate and ski and I build snowmen and snow forts with the best of them, but do I say I love winter? No, not really. I am the type of person who is always cold. Even in summer, I have a sweater on. The thought of going out into -20C temperatures for a day of fun is, well, not my idea of fun. So why do it? Because where we live it gets cold. It is just a fact of life and so I make the most of it. Sometimes as grown ups we have to because I have two little faces that look up at me excited to see snow, even in February, despite having snow for the past 4 months. I want them to love being outside. I want them to love every season. I want them to never look at the thermometer and say, “Oh too cold, we couldn’t possibly go outside”. There are treasures to be found, tracks to be followed, paths to forge, and adventures to be had Spring, Summer, Fall, and yes, even in Winter. I am trying to push myself to see this, to see the beauty in every season and not the limits of temperatures.

As adults we do what is comfortable. It is warm in front of the fire, why go out into the cold? Think though of what that says to our children though. To deny them the experience of each and every season. Even if your only seasons are dry and wet, you still have them. Who doesn’t remember splashing through mud puddles as a kid and staying outside in Winter sledding until your cheeks were frozen? These are moments my children deserve to have and so, out we go. Oh sure, I have on 3 under layers, 2 pairs of socks, the puffiest, warmest coat I could find on the market, but I am out there, enjoying every flake, every gust of blustery, cold wind.


I won’t lie, I am constantly checking for signs that perhaps, maybe Spring will be soon arriving. I don’t hide my complete relief when at last the birds return and the snow starts to melt, when green starts to take back the white landscape. I will admit, though, that I am always slightly sad to see it all go. Does this mean that I love Winter? No, but it does mean that come October, I will tip my hat and welcome its return once more. You see, we have an understanding Winter and I. I promise to enjoy its beauty and get outside everyday to take in all I can from it, and it promises not to freeze me too much.

Favorite Season?

Winter Play

What’s your favorite season? It’s a game I love to play. Because I can’t figure out the answer. All I know is that I would be lost without my four seasons — my body has come to heavily rely on these time markers and my soul loves different aspect of every season. Often times, my favorite is the one we are currently in at any given time. Except summer. Then I’ll think long and hard and come up with another answer. It’s never summer. (i love parts of summer… but in no way is it my favorite.)

Actually, by the third week of July when I’m absolutely done done with the heat and humidity and hear somebody say ‘this is so much better than minus 20oC!!’ I realize that no, it’s not at all better than that. Give me SNOW anyday. Well, perhaps not – then I wouldn’t have my four seasons would I? but let’s just say I’m a happier camper when I get to spend five hours in the great outdoors in the middle of WINTER vs the middle of SUMMER.

and sometimes, it’s more than five. This week-end for example, we completely lost track of how many hours were spent outside.

Winter Play
Saturday, we spent the day at a private pond hockey tournament. Canadian winter at it’s absolute best.

Winter Play
Even the napping took place outside in the glorious sunshine. It was a grownup tournament — but the kids spent most of the day playing and cheering. Alexandre even skated a while on the third ‘extra’ rink. He was one happy boy. He had a hockey game early in the morning at the arena and then skated on the pond. While Alexandre was at his morning game, Elizabeth & Juliette were playing outside at home. Then we spent from 10:15 to 4:15 mostly outside at the pond hockey tournament. Came home and the kids played outside until 6:45. That part we couldn’t believe. Adam and I were tired (well, he played 5 hockey games. I simply chased a toddler around all day!) We let them play outside until they decided to come in – which normally doesn’t happen – we typically have set meal times! But there’s something about playing ouside, in the snow, in the dark!

Perfect Hockey Day in Canada.

Did you get out and play this weekend?


Oh, we spent Sunday out playing too — more on this shortly!
and please excuse the extreme quietness here in the last little while – both our families have been under the weather in some form and keeping up with our mailings has been our priority — hopefully now that we’re all on mend Jennifer & I will manage to blog & share more!