Monday links and loves

Well, just like that, Summer is here. Forget about Spring, here in the Forest temperatures have reached summertime highs and the trees and plants are struggling to keep up. However, in keeping with the calendar rather than the thermometer, we have some lovely Springtime links today. Enjoy!

  • Looking to introduce yoga to your little ones? Here is a wonderful Garden themed sequence sure to get your littles garden worms wiggling and stretching.

  • Here is an interesting article about alternative ways for children to connect with nature.

  • Another article to share, this one explains why letting your children be bored is one of the best things you can do for them.

  • This was made twice this weekend for breakfast.

  • We found this store (Canadian based) that sells ladybugs larvae!! If you have tried hatching butterflies, why not try ladybugs next?

  • And one last one, just in case the heat has hit you as quickly as it has hit us. This looks like a ton of fun!

Happy Monday everyone!


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